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Operation Round Up® - Former White County REMC

Operation Round Up® helps our community

In October 2002, REMC began giving members an opportunity to help the community where they live with Operation Round Up®. The program is called Operation Round Up® . This charitable program involves REMC members putting their nickels and dimes to work each month for the good of their community.

This is a voluntary program. Members who volunteer for the program have their electric bills rounded up to the next dollar each month. For example, rather than paying $61.75, you pay an even $62, with the extra 25 cents going into the Operation Round Up® fund.

The idea for this program came from several REMC employee meetings that were held. The purpose of the meetings was to determine what ideas our employees felt were important to our company and how to make REMC more efficient. Due to our company’s commitment to Touchstone Energy® which stresses community involvement, Operation Round Up® was proposed to make REMC more visible in our communities. This idea was later presented to the REMC board of directors who approved its implementation. Currently, over 225 electric cooperatives nationwide run the Operation Round Up® program.

As you can see, this becomes your program, belonging to all of you, as members of REMC. We simply provide the vehicle for organizing this effort. To help you understand the program better here are some frequently asked questions.

Q: What is Operation Round Up®?

A: Operation Round Up® was originally started at Palmetto Electric Cooperative in Hilton Head, S.C. It was designed to gather voluntary contributions from members to assist people or organizations in the communities served by the cooperative with medical care or equipment, food, clothing, housing, etc.

Q: How does this program work?

A: Each month, members who participate in the program allow REMC to automatically round up their electric bills to the next highest dollar. This applies only to the electric portion of the bill. This will not apply to any portion of a member’s sewer account. For example, if a member’s electric bill is $61.75, the bill would automatically be rounded to $62 – the extra 25 cents would be put in the REMC Community Fund.

An eight person board of trustees appointed by the REMC board of directors oversees this fund. This assures equal representation from across our service territory. That 25 cents doesn’t sound like much, but if all 7,943 members of REMC participated and all members averaged $6 per year in donations that’s $47,658 raised in a year’s time. Think about how that sum of money could be used to help an organization or individual in need. All for just a few cents per month.

Q: How do I obtain an application in order to apply for a grant?

A: Any person or organization representative may either stop by the REMC Office to pick up an Operation Round Up® application or contact the REMC Office, or click either of the links below to print a copy of the application along with the guidelines for submitting the application.

Organization or Agency Application | Individual or Family Application

Q: Who will be eligible to receive these funds?

A: Any person or organization in the REMC service territory is eligible to apply for these funds. It is not necessary for those applying to be members of REMC. Completed applications are given to the board of trustees to evaluate and determine where the funds should go.

Q: What are the possible uses of this fund?

A: Projects that Operation Round Up® can help with include community service projects, education, medical care and equipment, food, clothing, housing and other needed services. Examples could include a heating system for a poor family, help with medical care expenses for an invalid, or providing school clothing for children. Another example could be medical equipment for a local rescue or ambulance service. Due to cutbacks in school funding, there has been an increased financial need for funds to support educational learning tools, equipment, and books for libraries.

Q: Will this money be used to pay delinquent bills or help the campaigns of elected officials?

A: No. These funds will not be used to pay delinquent electric bills, as there are plenty of other charitable services to help with electric bills. Nor will these funds be used in any way to support or oppose any political candidate.

Q: What is the board of trustees and what are the duties assigned to this body?

A: The REMC Community Fund, Inc., has an eight person board of trustees that are appointed by the REMC board of directors. One person from each REMC board district assures equal representation across our system. The REMC Community Fund board meets quarterly. The primary duty of this board is to evaluate applications made to the fund and determine how to best distribute the money.

Q: What if I can’t or don’t want to participate in this program?

A: This is a voluntary program. We realize not everyone will be able to or have the desire to participate in this program. Contributions are tax deductible and members are sent a summary of their yearly contributions at the end of each year.

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