Energy Audit Calculation Form

    Electric Usage Information

    WATT: The way electricity is measured.

    KILOWATT: Kilo means 1000, so kilowatt is 1000 watts.

    KILOWATT HOUR: A kilowatt-hour (or kwh, for short) is 1000 watts of electricity used for one hour. Electricity is priced by the kwh. One kwh is the energy one 100 watt light bulbs will burn in 10 hours.

    How much does electricity cost me?

    But your average cost per kwh will differ. And you will want to know exactly what electricity costs you. Its easy to compute your average kwh cost on the form below. Just divide your total electric bill by the number of kwh used.

    Example: $70 / 1000 kwh = $.070, the average cost per kwh
      Equation Result
      your total bill / kwh used = your average cost per kwh