Credit/Debit Card Billing

Credit/Debit Card Billing is a service that charges payment to your Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card to pay your monthly electric bill. The payment is made automatically each month. This service is available to any customer with a Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card, including those enrolled in the budget billing plan. There is no charge for this service from Carroll White REMC.

Once you are enrolled in Credit/Debit Card Billing, you will receive a bill each month that says, "PAID BY CHECK DRAFT/CREDIT/DEBIT CARD". We will charge your payments to your account approximately three days before the due date of your bill.

If you are interested in Credit/Debit Card Billing, fill out a printable authorization form and mail it to Carroll White REMC, PO Box 599, Monticello, IN 47960-0599.

As soon as we receive the authorization form and your account information, we will put the information in our billing file. Once the information has been verified, you will be enrolled in the program. This process may take approximately two billing cycles to complete.

You can cancel Credit/Debit Card Billing at any time with written notice to Carroll White REMC. If a charge to your account is denied at the time of transfer you are subject to the same guidelines and fees as mail-in payments.

If you have questions about Credit/Debit Card Billing, contact the office at 574-583-7161 or if calling long distance, dial 800-844-7161 or by email: