Water Heaters (WC)

Step 1: Call about receiving a Water Heater!

Water heaters to members are sold under the following guidelines - $100.00 plus sales tax for new home construction, geothermal installation or gas conversion. $125.00 plus sales tax for electric-to-electric replacement of a water heater. We then provide free maintenance (parts and labor) during the business day Monday – Friday. We do provide after-hours service for a $60 fee.

To Qualify you must:
1. Be a member of White County REMC.
2. Water heaters must have a water heater agreement signed allowing White County REMC to install a load management switch at the discretion of the cooperative.
3. All water heaters receiving the free maintenance must have a load management switch installed on it or be a White County REMC water heater with at least 40 gallons of capacity.
(Free maintenance performed during normal business hours.)

Step 2: Select Your Water Heater.

Freedom Water Heaters
40 Gallon 44" 20.5"
50 Gallon 48" 22"
50 Gallon Tall 54" 20.5"

Step 3: Look at the Benefits of Your Freedom Water Heater!

Revolutionary new polymer lined tank
6 year tank warranty
meets or exceeds 2004 efficiency standards
extra foam insulation
factory-installed temperature and pressure relief valve and more....

Step 4: Enjoy the Freedom Water Heater in your Home!

Enjoy the convenience and safety of an electric water heater. Did you know it's often as cheap to heat water with electricity than with gas? For example, compare the efficiency of gas water heaters to the 90% efficiency of electric water heaters. The myth that gas is cheaper simply doesn't hold true for local REMC owners.

There are advantages to installing an energy-efficient electric water heater. It's less expensive to purchase, No chimney or vent pipe is necessary to exhaust the carbon monoxide gas, There is no need to worry about leaking gas, and the electric water heater is safer for the environment. They are also maintenance free!!