Wi-Power Digital Phone Service

WI-POWER® Digital Phone Service

Start saving with Wi-Power Digital Phone Service. Wi-Power Digital Phone offers UNLIMITED local and domestic long distance calls for one low price! For additional savings, bundle both PHONE + INTERNET!

What is Digital Phone Service?

Digital Phone Service, also known as VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), uses your high-speed Internet connection to make and receive phone calls.

How it Works

Using your existing broadband connection, Wi-Power transfers your voice over the Internet, instead of traditional telephone lines.  Installation is quick and easy.

To use Wi-Power Digital Phone Service, you only need:
  •  A touch-tone phone
  •  High-speed Internet access
  •  Digital phone adapter

WI-POWER® Digital Phone Service is now offered to Carroll White REMC Cooperative’s members.  Digital Phone Service uses your existing high-speed Internet connection, instead of standard phone lines, to make and receive phone calls.  With Wi-Power Digital Phone, you get unlimited local and domestic long distance calling for one low price.

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