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  • Live Outage Map

    Live Outage Map

    Smartphone Friendly! When a storm or local outage occurs, Carroll White REMC encourages you to view an up-to-the-minute map of our service area.

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  • Wind Power Agreement Reached

    Wind Power Agreement Reached

    Wabash Valley Power Association reached a twenty year agreement with the Meadow Lake V Wind Farm located in White County. The agreement adds 100 megawatts of wind energy for the benefit rural electric cooperative members across the state.

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  • Watts Up!

    Watts Up!

    Communicating with you is one of our main goals! Click to sign-up for Carroll White REMC's new service 'Watts Up!' and get important info about Carroll White REMC via text messages and eMails on your smartphone or portable device.

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  • Online Smarthub Training Available

    Online Smarthub Training Available

    Learn about Smarthub, Carroll White REMC's new outage management system for your Desktop, Mobile Phone, or Tablet.

    Communicating with you is one of our main goals!

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  • REMC In Space Thanks to Operation Roundup

    REMC In Space Thanks to Operation Roundup

    This photo was taken from near space with the Carroll White REMC name and logo!!!! This was part of an Operation Round Up grant to the Twin Lakes High School and Meadowlawn Science buddies to launch a near space weather balloon to learn more about near space! Mission Accomplished!

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